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The Hempstead Bay Sailing Club (HBSC) is a non-profit sailing organization located on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau County. We are a small club of dedicated sailors with an emphasis on fun. Our club has remained true to its sailboat-racing heritage while growing and adapting with the membership to include cruising and power boats.

HBSC encourages friendly competition and provides a common bond for members and their families. Membership is affordable and open to anyone with an interest in sailing. See "How to join Hempstead Bay Sailing Club" for more info.




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Fourth of July Celebration

All Hands

 A birthday celebration common to us all is fast approaching, so we want to remind everyone about our traditional "Fourth of July" BBQ.

Our celebration officially begin this year with a “Parade of Boats” at 3 PM on the 4'th of July.  All members should arrive one hour early to ensure getting on a boat and being at the starting line on time.  All boats are expected to be proudly flying our nation’s colors.  Our celebration will continue at the club following the parade.  As always, this is a bring your own food stuff to barbecue affair.  The club will provide various soft drinks, adult beverages, and desserts.  Three BBQ units (2 gas & 1 charcoal) will be available for use.  All you need do is grill your own stuff.

After dark fireworks viewing from the club is always spectacular.  With no crowds or seating issues to contend with, the rocket's red glare and bombs bursting in air on all sides of us, can be easily viewed and enjoyed.  At times in the past, we've also been treated to an impromptu close up fireworks display.  Those are never sanctioned though, so providers will remain nameless.

This is a very casual event, but it still needs to be prepped for appropriately.  So please RSVP to this email by July 1'st & let us know how many in your party will be attending.  The courtesy of your reply will be greatly appreciated.

Thx, Frank