Work Parties




Regular group work parties are back on schedule for 2022.  Each member is expected to earn eight hours of credit by participating in two of the four work parties scheduled this season. If unable to meet your required hours in the scheduled work parties, contact House and Grounds Chairman Mike Cramer who can assign you a personal project(s).  All credit for 2022 must be earned by November 5, 2022 to be counted toward this year's obligation.

Members are encouraged to fix any discrepancy as discovered and may receive work party credit for  their efforts. 

Schedule:  April 23rd, May 14th, October 22nd, and November 5th. All sessions 9am-1pm 


Please call or text Mike at (516) 642-9174 if you'd like to complete any of the above projects. If you have fixed any other discrepancy meriting credit please let me know.