Work Parties





Five regular work parties will be held in 2020. All are scheduled for a Saturday and run for four four hours (9AM-1PM).  Each member is expected to earn a minimum of eight hours credit, usually by attending at least two of these work parties.  If unable to earn credit by attending a work party, members can ask to be given a special assignment from the House and Grounds Committee Head.  All credit for 2020 must be earned by the last work party date of November 14 to be counted toward this year's obligation.


Per the HBSC Constitution, all members are obligated to contribute their fair share of labor, time, or effort on behalf of the club to permit its operation on a minimum budget. Members who do not earn 8 hours of work party credit will be assessed a $200 charge

Members who intentionally fail to pick up their personal litter (including cigarette butts) will not receive work party credit for the season. 

2020 Work Party Schedule

1. March 21

2. March 28

3. May 16

4. October 10

5. November 14




Special Projects


If you prefer to earn your 8 hours of credit via a special project, please call or e-mail Mike Cramer at (516) 642-9174 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


All special projects must be completed before November 9.